Bukele pays $ 50,000 and apologizes for slander


San Salvador

the El Salvador's elected president, Nayib Bukele, offered an apology this Thursday to the government exporter Eugenio Chicas for having publicly accused him of raping a minor and accepting the $ 50,000 payment to conclude a trial for slander.

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Chicas, former communications secretary of the current government, told reporters that Bukele has assumed "his responsibility" before a judge of the First Court of Judgment from the central city of Santa Tecla.

"This day is very happy for my family, for me, because it has been done justice"and" an agreement was reached, "Chicas told the press outside the court.

He stressed that this agreement stipulates an apology, the "public commitment not to return to the subject "and the payment of $ 50,000, half of what Chicas asked when he filed the case against the president-elect.

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Bukele, of the Great Alliance for the national unity (GANA), said before entering the hearing that would show to the appropriate judge that he had no interest in continuing with his defense so that it would impose the "maximum penalty" and finally agreed with Chicas.

"So we do not have to keep coming to the process, we save the time of the country, the money and the resources of the justice system," said the politician and said he would require a "quick phrase" to continue the work.

In October 2017, Bukele publicly accused girls to maintain "relationships with the adoptive daughter" minors and marry her to "avoid prison", accusations that the same wife of the former official denied in a video posted on their social networks.

After these statements, Chicas sued Bukele, expelled from the party to the government Farabundo Martí Front for National Liberation (FMLN) for alleged assault on a colleague and criticism of the party leadership.

The elected head of state, who is facing criminal proceedings for alleged assault by a mayor of San Salvador, won the presidential election on 3 February in the first round with 1,434,856 votes (53.1%).

The comfortable triumph of Bukele represents the end of the bipartisan system installed for decades in the government, with the Republican nationalist alliance (Arena) and the FMLN, which have been divided by the last five administrations.



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