Bullrich announces its support for Milei and the Together for Change coalition begins to implode

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Patricia Bullrich, third in the recent Argentine presidential elections, announced this Wednesday his support for the populist ultraliberal candidate Javier Miley for the November 19 runoff. The decision accelerates the implosion of the social-liberal coalition Together for Change (JxC)the great objective shared by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Sergio Massa.

“With Javier Milei we have differences, that is why we have competed, we do not hide them. The majority of Argentines chose a change, we represent part of that change, we have the obligation not to be neutral“Bullrich declared at a press conference in his offices in the center of Buenos Aires along with his running mate, the radical (social democrat) Luis Petri.

Bullrich obtained 23.8% of the votes last Sunday against Milei’s 30% and Massa’s 36.7%. Thus, JxC was left out of the runoff.

“Here is the formula that was democratically chosen in the primaries, we do not come representing our parties, but rather representing having had the support of 6.2 million Argentines. We are not going to abandon those Argentines. Both Luis and I will always defend them. As San Martín said, When the country is in danger, everything is allowed except not defending it“.

“The urgency of the moment challenges us not to be neutral in the face of the danger of the continuity of Kirchnerism through Sergio Massa. Cristina, Alberto and Massa have united us in this decline for 20 years. Argentina, from our point of view, cannot begin “a new Kirchnerist cycle led by Massa. It would condemn Argentina to its final decline.”

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