Bullrich embraces Milei, who warns of fraud, while Massa seeks to capture the last votes in Argentina

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Javier Milei closed the electoral campaign on Thursday riding a wave of euphoria sustained for two reasons: the massive popular event in Córdoba, key province, and the enthusiastic and in-person support of Patricia Bullrich, ‘owner’ of 23.8% of the votes in the first round in October.

The ultra-liberal populist arrives with a slight advantage in the second round this Sunday, most pollsters agree. very discredited in Argentina. While Milei was taking a mass bath in the second electoral district with the most voters in the country, strongly anti-Kirchnerist, the Peronist Sergio Massa closed his campaign in a traditional secondary school, Carlos Pellegrini, seeking to demonstrate that it is not so true that the youth supports Milei.

“Javier, it was your turn, you won and we accompany you with patriotism,” said an energetic Bullrich in an emotional event that saw hug Milei and the former candidate for several seconds. The very harsh disqualifications that were exchanged during the campaign were forgotten for a common objective: to remove Peronism from the Casa Rosada, which controlled 16 of the last 20 years.

The metamorphosis of Milei, known for his verbal excesses and many proposals that range from extravagant to dangerous, is accelerated. In recent days he insisted in need of a “change”, the great mantra of Together for Change, the Bullrich coalition, to the detriment of “freedom”, its great motto. And, in a video seen widely on social networks, he campaigned denying Massa and even himself.

It will not privatize education, it will not privatize health, there will be no market for the sale of organs, nor will there be free sale of weapons. The objective is clear: capture the vote of those who They do not want Peronism to continue governing, but who are frightened by the proposals of the ultra-liberal populist. Córdoba, which in 2019 voted 71.5% in favor of the frustrated re-election of Mauricio Macri, contributes almost nine percent of the national voter registry. MIlei obtained 33% of the votes in the first round, reaching Macri’s figures would bring him very close to the Casa Rosada.

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