Bullrich revives in the second presidential debate in Argentina before an opaque Milei

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Patricia Bullrichthe candidate for the Presidency of Argentina by the social-liberal coalition Together for Change (JxC)revived his electoral chances this Sunday night by standing out in the second presidential debate ahead of the October 22 elections.

“Massa, when are you going to stop working?” said the candidate to the Peronist candidate, Sergio Massa, appealing to a word from the Argentine lunfardo that means “to steal.” Massa, who is today the Minister of Economy, was taken aback by the attack, took a few seconds to respond and criticized the candidate for the lack of elegance in her language.

It was one of the many that Bullrich scored throughout the two hours of debate in the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). The candidate showed herself with more energy and precision than in the debate a week ago, although with stumbles in her diction, and, at times, little clarity in her sentences.

That was not a problem for Massa, who expressed himself clearly, but he found himself attacked from all sides: in a five-way debate, the Peronist was the axis of all the criticism. The deepening of the economic crisis and the recent corruption scandals of Peronism were thrown in the face of the candidate who today serves as virtual president in the face of the notorious withdrawal from the scene of Alberto Fernandez.

The populist ultraliberal Javier Mileywho won the August primaries, tried to show a calm and professorial tone so as not to jeopardize his position, but stumbled when responding to accusations of his hidden partnership with the ruling Peronism.

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