Bully H20 | The Fatwa series, Episode 20 through Red Life, starring Yasser Jalal

The last episode of “Al-Fatwa” series witnessed many events of the star Yasser Jalal, and fans of the series are waiting for the upcoming events of the twenty-episode episode of Fatwa, where the Fatwa series episode 20 is presented daily on Al-Hayat Al-Hamra channel throughout the holy month of Ramadan, and the series tops the list of Ramadan works for this year , And the search is increasing on the “Fatwa” series on the Google search engine, because of the interesting and exciting events that the series presents.

Where the episode began with a big escalation when the teacher “Saber”, who embodies the role of the star Ahmed Khalil, was buried, and when the funeral for the teacher Saber Fatwa Aesthetic was established, he attacked the men of the teacher, “The Master of Frankincense”, who embodies his role, Riyad Al-Khouli, in order to use the consolation to become the new frankness of the fat after the teacher Saber Hassan and Azim will stand up to them and defeat them, after which Azmy announced that he is the new fatwa of the aesthetic, suddenly “Faraj” who embodies the role of the star Zia Abdul Khaliq and challenged my determination that the fitna is his right, and a struggle between them comes and the Sheikh of Al-Hara comes to end the conflict, and he tells them “the Nabot” will judge who will become Aesthetic bully but after the consolation ends brightest M. Sabir Death has denied him.

The last scene of the last episode between “Lil” and her brother “Azmy” ended up assuring her that it was not the reason for her mother’s death, and he also warned her of Hassan Al-Jabali and that it was impossible to marry him.

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Details of the series “Al-Fatwa”, starring Yasser Jalal

The events and idea of ​​the series revolve around the aesthetic neighborhood a hundred years ago, and the series transmits to us the social life that was going on in that era, through the personality of the fatwa, and the individuals surrounding it, as it deals with matters related to the Egyptian lanes in the past, specifically with the beginning of the era in the thirties, and sheds The spotlight is precisely on the age of the crises and conflicts that were going on in that era. “Mai Omar, Najla Badr, Riyadh Al-Khouli and Ahmed Khalil, and many artists, written by Hani Sarhan and directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi.

The date of the show of the Fatwa series 20h on Al-Hayat channel

The series “Al-Fatwa” is shown daily via Al-Hayat Al-Ahmar satellite as the first one o’clock, where the channel has set the dates of the series’s presentation according to the following dates: The first show of the “Fatwa series” episode 20 begins at 2:00 am after midnight and the first repetition begins at exactly the hour 4:00 AM and the second repeat at 4:30 PM local time.

Red life channel frequency

the moonHesitationFEC / SR
Nile Sat12207 (V)27500 – 3/4
Nile Sat12207 (V)27500 – 3/4
Nile Sat11257 (H)27500 – 5/6

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