Bundeswehr side by side with the French


So many different European flags like this sunday seldom appeared in the military parade for the french national holiday in paris. Bundeswehr soldiers marched side by side with their French brothers in arms of the German-French Brigade on the Champs-Elysées. On the covered honorary stand in front of the obelisk in the center of the Place de la Concorde, Chancellor Angela Merkel sat next to heads of state and government as well as ministers from nine European countries.

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President Emmanuel Macron has put the Defilee of soldiers, tanks and aircraft under the European motto “Agir ensemble”. “Building a European defense is our priority,” he said. Chancellor Merkel praised the progress made in recent months in European defense and security policy. The Bundeswehr was present on Sunday with more than 160 soldiers. Again and again the German flag was to be seen on the Concorde square, as delegations defiled the German-French brigade and the Eurocorps. Even in military innovation technology, a Franco-German product mixed with a flagged fast roller. It was developed jointly by the Research Institute St. Louis in Alsace, it said.

Macron wants Europe to assert itself in space

The guests of honor invited the ten member states of the “European intervention initiative”, which was founded last year. Deputies with standards from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Great Britain passed by the onlookers along the magnificent avenue. Macron's idea of ​​transforming the patriotic look of military strength into a demonstration of European clout will be shared by US President Donald Trump. Last November, Trump had sharply rejected the Frenchman's proposal, welcomed by the Federal Chancellor, that it would seek to establish a European army in the long term. He wrote on Twitter at the time: “Emmanuel Macron proposes to create his own army to protect Europe against America, China and Russia. But during the First and Second World Wars it was Germany – how did that go for France? In Paris, they already started learning German before America intervened. “Trump called it” offensive “that Macron was considering a European army – which reinforced Macron's ambition, as the Elysée called it.

The French President wants Europe to assert itself in space. At the traditional reception for the armed forces on the eve of the National Day, Macron announced the establishment of a military space command. “To ensure the development and enhancement of our capabilities in space, a large space command within the Air Force will be created next September,” said Macron. Space is a “new area of ​​confrontation,” he said. He has approved a change in the military doctrine that “will enable us to defend ourselves in space and from outer space.” It is also about a better protection of French and European satellites. Trump announced last December the formation of a “United States Space Command” with the goal of establishing a “United States Space Force” as its sixth American force by the end of 2020. Even countries like Russia, China and India are expanding their capabilities for space wars. NATO first adopted a space strategy in June. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg sat on Sunday among the guests of honor in the stands.

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