Burdy: Think about it like a little white bald head

Burdy: Think about it like a little white bald head

【Now Sports】Purdy is called the new Ennisda. It turned out that when he was a child, he wanted to have the same hairstyle as the other party. In terms of playing style and position, the 20-year-old Pedri has always been considered as Ennista’s successor. He also bluntly said that he likes to imitate the opponent since he was a child, and it’s not just about his football skills. “When I was young, I wanted to be like Ennista. Bald.”

Although Burdy has no hair loss problem for the time being and failed to replicate Xiaobai’s appearance, he also led Barcelona to win the La Liga Championship like his predecessors, “3 years ago, I was still in Las Penmas, near my parents’ home. Now , I’m already the champion of La Liga.”

Xiaobai has worked closely with Metz, and Berdy also hopes that the Argentine football champion can return to his mother club this summer: “I would like to see Metz return to Barcelona. When I first arrived in Barcelona, ​​I was afraid to interact with the players. Until one day Max came up to me and said “Come! Come!” He helped me a lot.”

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2023-05-17 20:09:58

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