Burger King is facing a lawsuit over the size of its Whoppers

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Burger King has received a lawsuit for deceiving its customers because of the size of its famous hamburgers Whopper.

Roy Altman, district judge in Miami, has admitted to process a complaint that the fast food giant shows adulterated photographs of its products, in which they appear to be a 35% bigger than they really are and they have twice as much meat compared to what ends up being eaten.

The lawsuit, which has been filed by a group of customers, argues that this false advertising of hamburgers constitutes a crime for “negligence” and for “unjust enrichment”according to the text to which the BBC has had access.

However, the judge has rejected the inclusion in the process of all evidence based on television or Internet advertisements, since none of them explicitly promises a size or a weight of the products.

This is what Burger King maintains, which argues that the hamburgers served to the customer do not have to be “exactly the same as the photo”as long as they are made with the same products.

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