Business Burger King presents innovative design for its restaurants

Burger King presents innovative design for its restaurants

Burger King has developed a post-Covid-19 project which they have called “the restaurant of the future”.

Burger King’s innovative new restaurant designs showcase contactless features, mobile ordering and curbside pick-up benefits.

All this taking into account social distancing, which offers flexibility, innovation and convenience for orders and deliveries.

In addition, they will feature a covered outdoor main dining room, an enhanced self-service experience and sustainable design elements.

“In March, our in-house design and technology team accelerated new restaurant design plans and pushed the boundaries of what a Burger King restaurant could be,” said Josh Kobza, COO of Restaurant Brands International (RBI).

Overall, the Burger King restaurant of the future aims to provide multiple modes of ordering and delivery, leaving a 60% smaller physical footprint than previous structures.

“The designs we’ve created fully integrate restaurant technology and functionality,” said Rapha Abreu, Global Design Director for Restaurant Brands International.

To which he added that the restaurant of tomorrow fuses the best functional technology with a modern and unique design to elevate the guest experience at Burger King.

“We have taken into consideration how consumer behaviors are changing so that our guests want to interact with our restaurants. The result is a new design concept that is attractive and will allow our franchisees to maximize their profitability, ”he said.

As seen in the video, consumers will be able to park their cars under solar powered canopies and place orders using QR codes and for orders placed in the app, there will be dedicated parking spaces where people can inform staff that they have arrived. .

And for those arriving by foot or bike, the pick-up lockers will have their food ready. Meanwhile, the suspended kitchen and dining room reduce the footprint and make it perfect for cities.

Finally, from the fast food chain they indicated that they have sketched the interior and exterior spaces on a blank sheet of paper, designing without preconceived notions of how a Burger King restaurant should look.


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