Buried Alive by Her Husband, This Woman Had to Ask for Help with a Smart Watch

WASHINGTON DC, COMPASS.com – A 911 call captures the terrifying moments before a woman is kidnapped and buried alive by her husband in the US capital, Washington DC.

That scary call was made by Young Sook An (42 years old) through her Apple Watch, while she was being tied up and gagged by the husband she wants to divorce, Chae An (53 years old), according to reports Fox News.

Reported from The Independentthe 911 officer at the time repeatedly asked An if he had a medical emergency or was in danger.

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But, the only response they heard was a muffled scream.

The 911 operator said the callers were unable to communicate verbally with them, but the screams were heard amid barking dogs and other noises.

The officer from the US emergency services told police he heard what appeared to be someone thrashing around in eerie conditions before the call went completely silent.

Following the horrific call, which reportedly took place on Sunday (10/16/2022), officers from the Lacey Police Department were finally sent to the house on block 3800 Rosberg St, at around 1pm local time.

Authorities arrived at the scene and found the garage door open.

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When authorities arrived at the scene, they found signs of a fight and were told by An’s children, aged 20 and 11, that they saw his father’s van after returning from church that day.

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The couple’s children said they were out before returning to find the police at their home.

Police then checked video from a surveillance camera at the family’s neighbour’s house, which caught a car believed to be Chae An, speeding.

The car turned out to have crossed paths with a police vehicle sent to investigate the horrific calls from Young Sook An.

A friend of Sook An’s and one of her children also informed authorities that they received a message from the woman, stating that there was an emergency at her residence.

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The couple’s friends also told police that Chae An once told his wife, who has separated in the midst of a complicated divorce process, that she “is not going to break down alone.”

A “missing person in danger” notice was then issued to Young Sook An, and the public was advised not to approach Chae An.

In the early hours of Monday (17/10/2022), a woman reportedly banged on the door of a house on Steadman Road asking for help. She turns out to be Young Sook An.

“My husband tried to kill me. Please help! He’s still in the woods somewhere,” Young Sook An said at the time, referring to threats from her husband, according to the police report.

According to the incident report, Sook An was covered in bruises and dirt, and had duct tape on her feet.

He also told what happened after he made an emergency call and then disappeared.

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Her husband then allegedly shocked her while she was changing in the master bedroom upstairs and hit her in the head, according to the complaint.

The woman managed to call 911 with smart watch (smartwatch) of hers, which her husband later allegedly hit with a hammer when the man realized that his wife had asked for help.

Her husband then dragged her into a wooded area and buried Sook An alive in a 19-inch hole under a large tree after stabbing her in the chest.

To the police, Sook An admitted that after her husband left, she tried to escape and crawled out of the shallow “grave” that her husband had buried.

The woman ran through the forest for at least 20 minutes and rushed to the first house she saw. Sook An was then transferred to the hospital for treatment for a non-fatal stab wound to her chest.

Sook An said her husband had threatened to take her life, but she never believed that his partner would actually be able to do it.

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An’s husband was arrested at around 8am on October 17, 2022, after a resident spotted his vehicle 200 meters from Steadman Road in the forest, according to police. The Independent on Thursday (11/3/2022).

He was charged with first degree murder, kidnapping domestic violence first degree and first degree domestic violence attacks.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges and is being held without bail until his next hearing on November 16.

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