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The Bureau Fair 2021, which is currently taking place at the Modern Gymnasium, is on everyone’s lips. And not precisely because of the unfolding of the event, which ends on July 18, but because of the controversy surrounding a piece of pizza.

After the complaint of the young Pablo Matiz, who said he had worked in the assembly of the fair and assured that the co-founder of the event, María Alejandra Silva, denied a piece of pizza to a logistics worker, several similar cases have been uncovered .

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One of these was exposed by the actress and businesswoman Manuela González, who said that her company participated in two editions of Bureau and “it was a very nice opportunity”; However, decided to stop being part of the fair after having witnessed the treatment given to employees and exhibitors.

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Comment from Manuela Gonzáles.



After witnessing several unfortunate events that occurred to employees and even to exhibitors, we concluded that being part of that fair was not consistent with our principles”, Stated González in the publication in which the young man made the initial complaint.

The famous woman recognizes that holding this fair can cause high levels of stress, however, she was emphatic in ensuring that this “jmoreover it should translate into a lack of respect and values”.

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In the same way he commented that, at the time, he let him know “honestly and respectfully“to the organizers what he felt about what happened during the organization of the event, however, never received an answer.

Finally, he said that “many did not dare to speak for fear of being banned”Of the event, that is why he congratulated Pablo Tint for his courage in reporting, adding that he hopes this” will bear fruit and perhaps I will achieve a positive change. ”

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Being part of that fair was not consistent with our principles

After her comment, the 44-year-old actress made a series of stories on her Instagram account, a social network where she has more than 1 million followers. There he reiterated that the enterprises that have strived to be currently in Bureau Fair you should not “pay for the broken dishes“for” an unfortunate situation that should never have happened.

“Hopefully all this that has happened serves for a profound change in the way we handle certain things, but not that this means ending the dreams of so many people. Let us support our entrepreneurs,” he said.

After the revelations and the scandal generated in social networks, Buró issued a statement and Silva uploaded a video in which he stated: “I have given all my effort, my life and my soul to Buró, and, although we seek the best experience, there is always aspects to improve ”. He also added that “I want to apologize from the heart for all the actions that have hurt, disturbed or inconvenienced you.”

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