Business travelers like to pay in cash


WThere are still many cash supporters. They avoid bank cards and other means of payment where they can, and occasionally even carry thick stacks of bills and trouser pockets full of coins. Typically, they would be allowed some age and more proximity to more rural or more southern countries, although of course it can be very different.

Kerstin Papon

The fact that cash is very popular among business travelers in this country may be surprising. This, in any case, is the result of an analysis by the German Travel Association (DRV), which the F.A.Z. exclusively available. Because half of the travel professionals surveyed like to pay cash on the way. For most, digital options are still a dream of the future. For example, four out of ten business travelers in the DRV survey have little or no confidence in the smartphone's virtual payment options.

The other part of the truth is, of course, that half of the respondents also use their own credit card or company's to pay. Multiple answers were possible. Forty-six percent of survey respondents like to use the giro card, and 45 percent, on the other hand, can send a bill while traveling, presumably by e-mail and not just by post. Only 17 percent of the surveyed business travelers pay their expenses with mobile devices and Apple or Google Pay. In contrast, the acceptance of the payment system Paypal or other online payment options with only 20 percent of skeptics is higher. Even the credit card, according to the survey of the association distrust many business travelers.

Nevertheless, there is now also a trend towards mobile payment ("mobile payment"). It shows above all the younger generation, as one would expect from her, much more open-minded. In the main, speed and simplicity are perceived as advantages. The survey questioned 100 directors who regularly travel on business trips as well as 100 business executives and professionals from companies with 250 employees through the market research institute Moweb.

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