Businesses will “self-certify” that they comply with protection measures in the face of reopening

When the government makes the decision to allow the commercial reopening on a larger scale – which will happen soon, according to President Wanda Vázquez – it will be the businesses themselves that will have the responsibility to ensure that they comply with the measures to prevent contagion, the secretary of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC), Manuel Laboy.

“One of the things that is being recommended as a practice is the concept of self-certification. The private sector in many of the industries are used to handling the self-certification process for federal regulatory purposes, in these cases (it would be) state regulation. What is being proposed is that each employer has to make an analysis according to their industry, from what is the history of those employees, how the business runs, what type of protection it needs, what changes it needs from a physical point of view, if you can maximize remote work … there are many criteria “, Laboy listed.

The official clarified the government would reserve the power to carry out audits or inspections to determine that employers are complying with security provisions.

This morning, through written statements, Vázquez said that “in the coming days” a plan would be presented to reactivate some sectors of the economy.

According to Laboy, a group representing the private sector presented the government with an analysis of risk levels in different industries.

“There are sectors that are more used to being regulated, for example, by OSHA (Federal Administration of Health and Occupational Health). There are sectors that are less regulated. There is data that has been collected even by employers who are active because they are exempt from (the closure measures of) the Executive Order. They directly surveyed different employers, obtained information on 52,000 employees who are active on the practices being taken, what measures have been taken in terms of changes in operation or business model. They have been able to collect a lot of practical data, real and in accordance with that and that risk index of each sector, and in accordance with the best practices from other places, these recommendations are prepared, “Laboy said without going into details.

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The reopening considered by the government comes at a time when the Health Department recently corrected errors in its Covid-19 prevalence data and does not have a projection of the contagion curve.

The Secretary of Health, Lorenzo González, has insisted since last week that it will not be until the beginning of June that a significant reduction in the rate of positive cases is reflected.


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