but he says no to 50 thousand euros and denounces the evidence in the chats – Libero Quotidiano

They tried to bribe him with one bribe of 50 thousand euros for a musical event, he said no without hesitation and denounced everything. We are talking about Manlio Messina, regional councilor for tourism and entertainment in Sicily, as well as elected at high altitude Brothers of Italy. The Melonian had no hesitation in refusing the bribe and above all he went to report, causing the principals and the intermediary to be framed.

The details of the story are not yet known, but the local site Live Sicilia let it be known that it could be a weighty group of musical entrepreneurship and that the facts date back to April 2021. Then an intermediary had contacted the chief technical secretariat of Manlio Messina, who among other things is described as a close and trustworthy man of the leader Giorgia Meloni. This intermediary would have proposed a project for an important event, which provided for a sponsorship of the Region for 500 thousand euros.

Verbally a bribe of 50 thousand euros would have been offered “Finance the party” or “put them in your pocket”, but both the head of the secretariat and Messina refused. The intermediary then would have tried to be more persuasive, counting on the fact that the messages of the chat self-destruct after a few seconds, but the commissioner Messina would have managed to record all the messages, taking them to the police for the complaint.


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