But where's the Gabon really?


How is Ali Bongo Ondimba? The question has been on everyone's lips since the President of Gabon was admitted to hospital on October 24th at King Faisal Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The first news was rather reassuring: the president "was not serious", said the country's presidency, and even received the visit of Prince Mohammed Ben Salman. But from the speech of his spokesman, Ike Ngouoni, on October 28, the silence of the radio.

Officially, Ali Bongo, 59, was the victim of a "malaise", which "serious fatigue due to a very intense activity in recent months". This prevented him from honoring the invitation received for the Riyadh Future Economic Initiative Initiative (FII) Forum, as well as the commemoration of the November 11th of the Armistice in Paris, where he was expected.

Ali Bongo would die (on Twitter)

In recent days, and in the face of the opacity of the information authorities left in Libreville, the rumors about his state of health and the origin of this silence are going well. The most transmitted, that of a stroke, was also affirmed by the Reuters news agency. for The letter of the continentit is rather a cerebral edema. Information among a multitude of other tracks, for some extravagant, broadcast on social networks. Among these, a so-called photo of Ali Bongo on an operating table, and also a video, a rough montage, which announces his death circulates and fuels the controversy.

    © Screenshot / Twitter
Twitter profile image of Sylvia Bongo Ondimba.
© Screenshot / Twitter

A grisly effervescence that grew when Sylvia Bongo changed her profile photo of her Twitter account for a snapshot of her and her husband in black and white. A colorimetric symbol, for some, of a hidden mourning. On Thursday, the first lady also posted a photo in which only the hand of the president is visible. A cliche perceived as enigmatic that has made the web panicked, already well electrified.

Who to run the country?

Be that as it may, the situation gives the impression of a vacant, not legal, but virtual, place of the power of Gabon. This is all the more embarrassing as with the local elections held on 6 and 27 October, logically, the dissolution of the National Assembly should be on the agenda. The Senate must also be renewed with the newly elected municipal councilors, once the latest official results have been proclaimed. If the situation persists, the Constitutional Court will have the right to officially declare the vacancy.

A puzzle in preparation?

Its president, Marie-Madeleine Mborantsuo, will therefore have to assert Article 13 of the Constitution that will make the president of the Senate the head of state active. However, there is no time limit in making that decision. The president of the Court, who would have been the president's lover (two children would have been born from this link), could leave the situation to continue. Lucie Milebou-Aubusson, president of the Senate and mother-in-law of the son of the opponent Jean Ping, is therefore not at all sure of temporarily taking the helm of the country. What leaves the office of the Sea Palace office in Libreville empty … waiting for the next episode.


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