Buyers have suffered an EFTPOS outage throughout Australia


A major EFTPOS outage is set to hit buyers in Australia this afternoon.

Australians are turning to social media to complain that they cannot use their bank cards.

Woolworth's customers reported hearing an announcement announcing a nationwide interruption that was leaving them unable to pay for the card.

Australia Post used Twitter to inform customers of the outage.

"A problem with suppliers is affecting a number of organizations (including us), we are experiencing interruptions to some EFTPOS transactions and banking services at our stores. We are working with the supplier to resolve the problem as quickly as possible and apologize for the inconvenience ", the company wrote on Twitter.

The Commonwealth Bank has also warned of "problems" with some of its services.

"We are aware of a problem that affects some of our services. We apologize to our customers affected by this. We are confident that we are examining this aspect urgently and we will have more updates soon," the company wrote on Twitter.

ANZ says he is also studying the problem.

"At this stage, we did not receive any updates from our merchant support team confirming whether it is a problem," a company spokesman wrote on Twitter.

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