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You saw him play at Pukkelpop and he just lost Sweet Love, his debut album. IBE (20) lives for his songs. Proof? There is a touch of music in almost every answer to the naughty questions we ask him. Even his most cinematic kiss was one on stage. “One full of adrenaline. Although my current girlfriend will not like to read this.”

What was the most embarrassing thing that ended up in your shopping cart?

“Buying condoms for the first time was very stressful for me. There were no friends with me, I could handle it on my own. (laughs) Of course nobody should be ashamed of it, meanwhile I swung them into my cart without embarrassment.”

Is there a gossip about you?

“A lot was written about that I, as the winner of the Voice 2019, would be at Rock Werchter. But most importantly: whether that was the right choice. They doubted I would be ready. Eventually the tent was so full that it had to be closed.”

Which kiss stays with you?

“My current girlfriend will not like to read it, but I do remember a cinematic kiss after my performance at Werchter. One full of adrenaline. I had just finished playing and my then girlfriend was on the stage in the back. The stress was completely off me. A beautiful snapshot.”

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What did you spend too much money on?

“My microphone. I bought it a year and a half ago for over a thousand euros. I wanted to record demos at home, but I could just as easily do that with a hundred-euro one or with my mobile phone. I have no regrets, because it remains a useful purchase. Although I should have postponed it a bit.”

Are you a good liar?

“I wouldn’t want to be. When I try to lie, I start chuckling. Everyone always sees me through, although I’m happy about that.”

Which property do you not want to pass on?

“To be stubborn. I hope that my child or children will not adopt that in the negative sense later on. If I don’t feel like doing something and people try to persuade me, I stand my ground. Although that can also be positive: I continue to persevere.”

What was an embarrassing moment on stage?

“At Pukkelpop I said ‘on my right hand’ instead of ‘on my right’ during the band performance. That’s pretty good though, isn’t it? Fortunately, I have never fallen during a concert.”

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I can think of some illegal things I’ve done.


Do you like a lot of attention?

“I think every artist has to love it a little bit, otherwise half the job isn’t fun anymore. Although it can sometimes be a little tricky. I like to watch performances myself and if you want to get out of the tent, you are sometimes stuck for 15 minutes for photos. Yet I am also grateful for that. It just doesn’t come at any time.”

Have you ever done anything illegal?

“I can think of a few things. (laughs) Not buying a ticket on the bus or having a beer before I’m sixteen are the classics. When I was fifteen, I climbed a large yard stall with some comrades. We thought that was very cool back then, while something like that wasn’t really responsible. And above all: very high.”

What have you never told about yourself in a magazine?

“You might not hand it to me, but I also drum. Great to put your headphones way too loud and play along with music you love. Although you will not immediately see me doing it during a performance of myself.”

Have you recently received a crazy compliment?

“People who say they thought I was smaller in real life. What exactly do they mean by that? (laugh)

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