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Bu Yunchao Kete continuously breaks through personal best rankings

2023-05-11 10:19:56

Source: Sport Tribune

Reporter Lu Yingjian

On May 8, Beijing time, ATP announced the latest world ranking. Zhejiang player Wu Yibing continued to rank 57th. Relying on his outstanding performance in the quarterfinals of the Madrid Masters last week, Zhang Zhizhen’s ranking soared 30 places to 69th, creating a personal best. It is worth noting that Buyun Chaoket, a Zhejiang player who has recently performed well in the Challenger League, also refreshed his personal best, improving by 78 places and currently ranking 164th.

Last week, Buyunchaoket defeated Turkey’s Celikbilek, Ecuador’s Gomez, South Korea’s Hong Sung-chan, and Japan’s Uchiyama Yasutaka in the ATP CH125 Seoul Challenge, making it to the final of the challenge for the first time in his career. In the final, he defeated Australian Vukic in two straight sets and won the first challenge championship in his career. This is also the first ATP CH125 challenge championship won by a Chinese player. After winning this championship, Buyun Chaoket’s world ranking rose to 167.

With this ranking, he entered the main draw of the ATP CH75 Gwangju Challenge. In the first round, he beat South Korea’s Shin San-hui in two sets. In the second round, he once again ushered in the challenge of Australian Vukic. In the end, he won the game, which was the fifth time in his career that he defeated a TOP200 player.

In the quarter-finals, his opponent was the American player Eubanks, who was swept out by his opponent due to his disadvantage in strength. Although he lost the game, he was able to defeat TOP200 players four times in more than a week, and also raised his world ranking to within 170, which is already very good. With the improvement of the world ranking, Buyunchao Ket locked the Wimbledon qualifying seat. This week, he will continue to stay in South Korea to participate in the CH125 Challenge in Busan. The men’s singles opponent in the first round is Australian Li Tu. The latter once defeated Wu Yibing in the CH110 men’s singles final of the 2022 ATP Challenge Seoul Station. In yesterday’s game, Buyun Chaoket lost two 4:6 to his opponent. Next, he will continue to play in the first round of men’s doubles with Australian player A Rai.

In the past few months, Xiaobu had a very difficult time in the challenge competition, and it was even hard to win. But from year to year, he gradually began to win, and not long ago he entered the semi-finals of the challenge for the first time and won the championship. Now, he has become the fourth TOP200 player of the China Tennis Association, and he should no longer need to start from the qualifying round in the subsequent games. The next performance is worth looking forward to.

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