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Family happiness overcomes the singer's side again, I'm sure the psychic.

Not so long ago, rumors have appeared on the network about Olga Buzova's possible "interesting" position. In addition to the rounded abdomen appeared on the pregnancy of the TV presenter, other facts also indicate. A few days ago, Olga complained to fans that she constantly wants to eat and sleep. And this is considered one of the first signs of pregnancy. Previously, Buzova could remember food only late at night. Presumably, the showman Timur Batrutdinov could be the father of the child's future singer. The singer has repeatedly aroused gossip about the novel with the «Comedy Club», publishing ambiguous photos on the social network. Buzova recently reminded Timur of her promise to marry her, because she never met her love.

Apparently, the artists gathered a few months ago. The singer who dreams of a child, apparently thanks to Batrutdinov, will soon become a mother. However, given the psychic prophecy, it can be concluded that the comedian will soon turn back leaving the pregnant TV guest. Under one of these posts, the clairvoyant noticed that Olya would meet her true love in about a year. According to the psychic, Buzova will marry only at the beginning of 2020. Judging by the singer's answer, this prediction is surprising to her. Apparently, Olga was sure she had already found her love.

According to rumors, the performer even presented her lover to her mother, who had recently visited her. However, from the prophecy it appears that the future heir of Buzova will be raised by a stepfather. It turns out that the TV presenter will meet her only after becoming a mother. The relationship with Batrutdinov, apparently, will end as with Tarasov, but now Buzova will become a pregnant "girl".

Miroslava Dontsova




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