By Sacaba-Senkata and embezzlement of Covid-19 resources: The MAS prepares two trials against President Áñez

The masista parliamentarians hope that the Official Gazette will publish the Law that Regulates the Effects of the Censorship of Ministers promulgated by Copa, to resume an agenda of several interpellations.

The MAS does not foresee an easy conclusion of the management of Jeanine Áñez. Evo Morales’ party is preparing two liability trials against the temporary president and her entire cabinet, for the events of Senkata and Sacaba and the waste of almost 4,000 million dollars due to poor attention to the health emergency. “We are preparing two liability trials against the president. One for the tragic events of Senkata and Sacaba, and the other, for misuse of resources in the midst of the pandemic, ”MAS senator Omar Aguilar told Erbol, specifying that the lawsuit would be filed with the State Attorney General’s Office. Once the mixed commissions that investigate both cases raise their reports until next September 27 and are approved by the plenary session of the Assembly. He said that the report “will be a fundamental basis for the initiation of liability trials” in the SacabaSenkata case. The accusation for these events will fall mainly on the ministers of Government, Arturo Murillo, and of Defense, Luis Fernando López, because they have under their command the Bolivian Police and the Armed Forces, which would have hit several people during the social crisis in November from last year. The legislator indicated that for the MAS, Luis Fernando López is the “ghost minister” because he is exercising the position illegally, this because it was ratified by Áñez outside the Constitution after being censured by the Assembly, and therefore , “All his acts are null and void.” In the case of the embezzlement of funds, he indicated that Áñez will have to account for the expense of almost 4,000 million dollars that were mobilized from the Executive arguing a health emergency. He believes that there was mismanagement from the Executive because instead of saving lives, it caused some 7,000 people to die due to lack of care, overpricing of respirators, they did not give biosecurity clothing to doctors and because they preferred to corrupt themselves instead of working for the Health. He regretted that the Executive so far has not sent periodic discharge reports to the Assembly on the expenditures made and accused the Executive of being irresponsible in the face of the control acts by blocking even the correspondence window of the Government Palace to the MAS assembly members . He recalled that this has reached the extreme that even the president of the Senate, Eva Copa, had to act as a messenger, personally taking correspondence to a single window, supported by the press to show irregular behavior from the Government Palace. For now they hope that the Official Gazette will publish the Law that Regulates the Effects of the Censorship of Ministers promulgated by Copa, to resume an agenda of several interpellations that could not be carried out because the ministers of Áñez decided not to attend, among them Minister Murillo and the Own Minister of Public Works Iván Arias. “Once it enters into force, we are going to summon them and in case they do not attend we will apply the Constitution and the Law that Regulates Censorship, and several will have to go home possibly before the end of the mandate of the transitional government”, Aguilar warned. She said that it is the only way to enforce the Constitution because the Executive’s attitude leaves much to be desired. “Without the intention of defending them, what happened to the head of Transparency of the Ministry of Public Works, Omar Durán and the attorney general José María Cabrera? Both denounced corruption while guarding the patrimony of the State and were dismissed. If the accusing finger of Minister Murillo or any other comes out before these facts, what corresponds is the dismissal of the position from the Assembly ”, he said.

Text: Erbol

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