Bye Mark: How to Delete Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp

Learn how to delete Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp accounts

Block social media, complaints Do not manage the platforms NS Transparency crisis: The last few days have not been easy for Facebook (which also has The whatsapp is he Instagram). Worse yet, for users who start to feel exposed and violated again. All of this makes many people think of giving up the domains of Mark Zuckerberg.

The task is not difficult, but completely deleting the accounts in these services does not always mean deleting all the information that is left in them. Later condition Pick up this little guide not only to delete accounts in networks Facebook social media site, but also leave as little information as possible. Paying!

How to delete Facebook

To delete your Facebook account, you must first log into your profile. If you want to carry out the procedure by cell phone or go directly to delete pageAND Access this link. On your desktop, you can access this page through List of main platforms.

Find the last icon on the right, enter “Settings & Privacy” and then “Settings.” In the menu of the newly opened page, click on “Your Facebook Information”. From the center screen, select “Disable and Delete.” At this point you will see the options to “Deactivate” or “Delete” the account.

a deactivation It means that no one else will be able to see your profile, but certain information, such as messages sent to friends, may still be visible. There are also chances that your contacts will still see your name on their friends list. You can still chat with people on Messenger and reactivate your account at any time, without losing media.

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I and exclusion It means that you will no longer be able to regain access to the platform. Only the media and pages you control will be removed. Therefore, it is recommended to download these files before deleting them. A quick action can be taken in ‘Settings and privacy’ by tapping ‘Your information’ and then ‘Download your information’.

Even if you delete the account, your Facebook friends will still be able to access the messages you sent them. The platform gives Grace period of 14 days before the profile is completely deleted and the deletion request will be canceled if you log in during this period.

How to delete Instagram

To delete your Instagram, the file A social media app won’t be very helpful.. As a security tool, the “Delete” option requires access to the support page of the browser platform.

But before stopping your app, you can use it to save your account data. To do this, access the file top right menu In your profile (indicated by three dashes) and click “Settings”. Then go to the option “Security” and then select “Download data”.

To follow the exclusion from the profile, Site access. There, log in with your Instagram account and then select the reason for deleting the profile. On the next screen, confirm your password and click on the “Delete + Account Name” option.

With this action, your account information will be deleted after a specific date and your profile will not be visible on the platform. The username you used will also be available for other profiles.

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As with Facebook, it is also possible to temporarily disable an Instagram profile, without deleting it. For this, Go to this other link.

How to delete WhatsApp

To delete your WhatsApp account, you need to open the application and Select menu (presented by Three points No Android And through the “Settings” icon in iOS). Click on “Settings”, go to the item “Account” and then “Delete my account.”

You will then need to enter your phone number in the full international format and choose Delete my account. Finally, select the reason for deleting your account and click on the last option “Delete my account”.

By deleting your personal WhatsApp account, all your message history and automatic backups of your chats can also be deleted automatically. So if you want to save some information, it is It is recommended to make a full backup..

With the deletion, your phone number will also not be associated with WhatsApp and your account will be removed from the favorites lists of your WhatsApp friends. If you join groups, you will also be automatically removed from group chats.

Although your account has been deleted, It does not mean that messages that have been sent are deleted to your WhatsApp contacts, where your friends will still be able to access the exchanged content. It is also worth noting that the action of deleting your account cannot be undone, therefore a deleted WhatsApp account cannot be recovered.

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