C. Hands: "I want to make films, but I have no idea which director I want to be."

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Throughout, and also throughout, the more than two long and endless hours of ‘That excessive ambition’, C. Tangana has time to say everything and from all possible positions. That’s what it’s about. The idea is to give the viewer the closest thing to the intimacy of a public figure who, judging by the number of cameras that permanently surround him, lacks it. And among everything he says there are two’you say‘ which he says several times. So that we understand well. Namely: a) that maybe (just maybe) he is tired and fed up with making music after so many years, and b) that from now on he is going to make films as a protein substitute for the above. Well, Thursday was the day of the appearance before the press of the three directors of the film alongside the absolute protagonist and the first was denied and the second confirmed.

Regarding the first, he initially sowed doubt and then immediately picked up the cable: “I have no idea. And I like this point where I can not know.” Moment of tension. And followed: “What is clear is that I am going to continue releasing albums because it’s what I’ve done my whole life. What is clear is that the next thing I do has to excite me as much as the previous one. I’m itching to get into the studio, but it won’t be next week.” Somewhat confusing, but it’s clear.

Regarding the second, however, he was much more transparent, with no intention of creating unnecessary tension. And what director does C. Tangana want to be? “Well, I have no idea. But, the truth is, I didn’t know what album I wanted when I contacted him. The Madrid native. I want to make films because I am in the right ecosystem of the Little Spain production company and, in fact, we are already at work.” And now the news. First reluctantly, and then openly following the same pattern as in the question about his leaving of functions in music, the artist announced that he is already working on it. “I’m filming a documentary about my favorite artist, Yerai Cortés. About him, about his way of composing and about who he is.”

In reality, and apart from ‘An excessive ambition‘ and without counting the endless list of music videos, C. Tangana already debuted as a strong actor in big cinema, in cinema without alibis, when he answered Isaki Lacuesta’s call in ‘One year, one night‘. And perhaps for this reason, both he and his production colleagues (the directors Santos Bacana, Cris Trenas and Rogelio Gonzalez) let it be known that they already have scripts (so, in plural) in progress for the cinema in their hands and a series for TV in development. And growing.

And having said that, C. Tangana dedicated himself to clarifying point by point the other possible controversies that the documentary leaves open. First of all, it’s not true that he’s broke. At first glance it didn’t seem like it, but to clear up doubts, he presented his balance of expenses and income: “We have not been ruined, But it has been two years of work in which, if not for the tour, I could have bought an apartment. It must be taken into account that musicians use the shows to get the money in three months that allows you to continue working for other years. It has not been the case. And although people believe otherwise, everything I have done I have done out of passion and it has been worth it.

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