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April 18 should have been auspicious for Portuguese national team captain Cristian Ronaldo and his longtime girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez – their twins were to come into the world. However, the joy over the birth of daughter Bella was followed by tragic news – son Angélas died during childbirth.

Half a year after the loss, the football player told about the family tragedy in an interview with TalkTV. Speaking about it, Ronaldo became excited and assured that this phase was the most difficult since 2005, when his father died of liver failure.

“Scanpix” nuotr./Cristiano Ronaldo

“When you have children, you expect everything to be normal, and when there is a problem, it is difficult. There were difficult moments for me and Georgina, because we could not understand why it happened and understand what was happening at that period of life, C. Ronaldo told Mr. Morgan. – You know, football never stops – at that time we had a lot of competitions. It was probably the hardest moment of my life.”

When asked how he broke the news of his brother’s death to the other children, C. Ronaldo said that at first he told the truth only to his eldest child, Cristiano Jr. Since his son is already twelve and he understands everything, the football player spoke to him sincerely.

“We both cried in his bedroom. He understood everything, but at the same time he was confused,” said the athlete.

Meanwhile, to the other children – five-year-old Eva and Mateo and four-year-old Alana Martina – they broke the news about the newborn’s death later and more gently.

Instagram nuotr./Cristiano Ronaldo

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Instagram nuotr./Cristiano Ronaldo

“When we got home, the kids started asking, ‘Where’s the other baby, where’s the other baby?’ After giving birth, Georgina still had a belly, because it was big when she was expecting twins. After a week, I said – let’s be honest with the children. Let’s say that the Angel went to heaven. It’s better that way”, he explains the reason why he didn’t lie to the children and told the truth.

This explanation was accepted by the young children and they often remember the brother during family conversations, thinking that one thing or another could be for Angél and pointing to the sky.

Ronaldo described the stage when he was simultaneously happy about the birth of his daughter and sad about the death of his son as crazy. She testified that she never expected to be happy and sad at the same moment.

“It’s hard to explain. You don’t know how to react: one moment you’re smiling and the next you’re crying,” he shared.

Ronaldo revealed that there were those who believed that the grief of losing a child could irreparably damage his and Georgina’s relationship, but he countered that the trauma of losing their newborn son brought them closer together. Now he feels “more love for her” and his children.

Cristiano Ronaldo with fiancee Georgina and children / Photo from Social Networks and Scanpix.

Cristiano Ronaldo with fiancee Georgina and children / Photo from Social Networks and Scanpix.

Although the couple went through difficult times, they realized that they had to be happy for their other children and be happy that they had Bella. The surviving twin is now six months old, and according to her dad, she is an impressive, beautiful girl who makes her parents very proud.

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C. Ronaldo keeps Angélo’s ashes next to his father’s remains in the chapel near his house.

“I talk to them all the time and they’re on my side,” he said, adding that losing a child has given him a different perspective on life. “You know, they help me be a better person, a better person, a better father.”

Photo from social networks/Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez with their children

Photo from social networks/Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez with their children

C.Ronaldo and G.Rodriguez announced the news of their son’s death on Instagram by publishing a sensitive post. The parents said that they had lost one of the twins, their son.

“This is the greatest pain a parent can feel. Only the birth of our baby girl gives us the strength to live through this moment with some hope and happiness.

We would like to thank the doctors and nurses for all their skilled care and support,” the couple wrote on Instagram.

“Our boy, you are our angel. We will always love you,” Cristiano and Georgina dedicated sensitive words to their dead son.

In December of last year, Ronaldo revealed that his beloved Georgina is expecting a boy and a girl.

Spanish model Georgina 2017 November 12 gave birth to the couple’s first joint child, Alan.

Before that, Cristiano had already become a father, because in 2017 in June he had twins Eva Marie and Mateo carried by a surrogate mother. The identity of eleven-year-old Cristiano Jr.’s mother is still unknown.

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