C. Tangana hides his withdrawal in his documentary: "I have to get the music episode closed"

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C. Tangana He has suggested so many times that he would like to leave music that these threats are already a trait incorporated into his character. They are probably not a deliberate trick to add some drama to his future, but rather a dull confession: from time to time, the singer gets fed up with everything, including himself (especially himself).

“I have to close the music episode. I keep saying it’s going to close and it doesn’t. I would stop dry“.

That’s what it says at the end of the documentary. This excessive ambition. He insists on his existential crisis: “The only thing that I would 100% want, and for which I would find enough passion to dedicate time to, would be to make hip hop in the style I did when I was 16.”

And his mother (his mother!) says: “He doesn’t want to have exposure anymore. He’s going to make films and he’s going to stop having so much exposure.”

“Right now I don’t want to do another tour. First I have to see if I make music“, he comments, almost at the end of the film, collapsed after a tour that from several points of view could be described as disastrous.

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