Cairo Gold Division: stable price of the precious metal and the record of 21 calibres 651 pounds


Gold prices stabilized on Sunday 24 February in conjunction with the weekly market of goldsmiths. The 21-gauge gold is the most popular and traded in Egypt at 651 pounds per gram, according to the Chamber of Commerce's Gold Division. of Cairo.

The prices of gold in Egypt today are as follows:

The 24 caliber scored 744 pounds today.

Caliber 21 today scored 651 pounds.

The record of 18 calibers today is 558 pounds.

The gold pound and weighs 8 grams 5208 pounds.

Ounces of gold: $ 1328.

Gold prices are influenced in Egypt, as the global ounce of changes, whether rising or falling, and the dollar influenced by the price in dollars on the stock exchanges, the higher the dollar of the decline of the ounce and vice versa, in addition to the impact of the global economic variables.

Gold prices in Egypt are subject to several factors that affect the price of the dollar in banks and official banks, as well as changes in the world price of one ounce over supply and demand.

Gold prices in Egypt may witness some slight variation in the price of the different calibrations in the different governorates of Egypt. This difference in the price of gold can be 50 piasters or 1 pound.

The goldsmiths in Egypt vary from jeweler to jeweler and from company to company, the processing varies depending on the type of piece of gold or the different gold activities.

Gold prices in Egypt, a service provided by the "seventh day", and includes an immediate update and to obtain gold prices, in the Egyptian jeweler's market, as well as the modernization of the world price of a & # 39; ounce.

Gold prices in Egypt are among the services that the "seventh day" offers readers and the price of gold is accompanied by an analysis of the situation in the gold market, using the opinions of precious metals dealers.



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