Cak Imin and Putri Gusdur are getting hotter, Gus Umar: PKB will continue to move

FAJAR.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The debate between Wahid Foundation Director Zannuba Arifah Chafsoh or Yenny Wahid with the General Chairperson of the National Awakening Party (PKB) Muhaimin Iskandar seems to be heating up.

Previously, through his twitter account, Cak Imin called Yenny not PKB. He even quipped that Yenny always failed in building the party.

“Yeni is not PKB, just making the party itself fail to qualify, several elections attacking PKB doesn’t affect it, PKB keeps increasing its vote, so why don’t you participate in organizing PKB, just live your failed party… PKB is safe and comfortable,” wrote Cak Imin, Thursday, (23/6/2022).

Seeing Cak Imin’s upload, Yenny asked Cak Imin not to be upset. In addition, he emphasized that he was not PKB Cak Imin but PKB Gusdur.

“Hahaha that’s great sis. But you don’t have to be nervous, sis. And it’s true, I’m not PKB Cak Imin. I’m Gus Dur’s PKB. Cak Imin also doesn’t necessarily know that you can make your own party… you usually take someone else’s party. Peace, Cak,” he concluded.

Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) figure Gus Umar alias Muhammad Umar Syadat Hasibuan also highlighted the debate between the two.

According to him, it is natural in politics. But he said the PKB would continue to move. “It doesn’t matter if it’s called politics. The show must go on. PKB will continue to move. Move on donk,” he said, Saturday, (6/25/2022). (selfie/dawn)

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