Cak Imin Will Lead the Registration of PKB Candidates to the KPU the day after tomorrow


PKB will register the candidates with the KPU RI on Saturday this week. Chairman (Ketum) of PKB Muhaimin Iskandar or Cak Imin plans to directly lead the party’s candidate registration activities at the KPU RI office, Central Jakarta.

“This Saturday,” said Cak Imin after a meeting at the residence of the 9th Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia Hamzah Haz on Jalan Tegalan, Matraman, East Jakarta, Thursday (11/5/2023).

Deputy Head of PKB Jazilul Fawaid said the plan for the registration of the candidates was being arranged. He said a number of top party officials would direct the registration of candidates.



“It’s being arranged. God willing, it will be attended by the PKB chairman, Gus Muhaimin, the Secretary General, the Waketum, the chairmen,” said Jazilul.

Please note that registration for candidates for members of the DPR, DPRD and DPD has been officially opened from 1-14 May 2023. Registration is open for two full weeks.

KPU will serve from 08.00-16.00 WIB local time on May 1-13 2023. Meanwhile on May 14 2023, KPU will serve from 08.00-23.59 local time.

Bacalon will later register through the Candidate Information System (Silon) application. The candidates for the DPD and political parties that carry the candidates for the DPR and DPRD are asked to upload their registration documents to Silon.


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