Cak Imin’s Safari to the NU Vice Presidents in the Middle of the Violent Cawapres Prabowo

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Tuesday, May 16 2023 10:12 WIB

PKB chairman Muhaimin Iskandar. (CNN Indonesia/Andry Novelino)

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia

ahead 2024 electionChairman of the PKB Muhaimin Iskandar (Cak Imin) is in the middle of an intense political safari to a number of figures. In the past week, Cak Imin met Indonesian Vice President Ma’ruf Amin and Indonesian 9th Vice President Hamzah Haz.

Cak Imin visited Hamzah Haz’s residence on Thursday (11/5) and Ma’ruf Amin on Monday (15/5). Ma’ruf and Hamzah Haz are central figures in Nahdlatul Ulama (NU). Currently, Ma’ruf is still serving as Mustasyar PBNU.

Apart from these two figures, Cak Imin also visited the residence of the 10th and 12th Vice Presidents of the Republic of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla, who is a former PBNU Mustasyar.

Cak Imin also claimed that Ma’ruf supported him to run as a vice presidential candidate in the 2024 presidential election.

“Oh yes, definitely, support. He said ‘it’s time for you now’,” said Cak Imin after the meeting with Ma’ruf.

Cak Imin also claimed that Ma’ruf provided support for PKB to form a coalition with any political party, especially Gerindra. Apart from that, he said, Ma’ruf asked PKB to take into account his coalition partners in the 2024 presidential election.

“Yes, basically he supports all of our steps as of today, then we will consult again,” he said.

Separately, Deputy Presidential spokesperson Masduki Baidlowi admitted that during a meeting with Ma’ruf, Cak Imin consulted and discussed political matters ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

“Yes, Pak Muhaimin is the party leader and Kiai Ma’ruf is an NU elder, so it’s only natural for Cak Imin to come to visit. Maybe even consult and discuss matters related to politics in 2024,” said Masduki in his statement.

Meanwhile, in his meeting with Hamzah Haz, Cak Imin admitted that he asked for input on the 2024 presidential election. He admitted that he asked Hamzah Haz how to succeed in becoming president in the 2024 election.

“I asked how to become president. I was then given prayers and struggles and ways,” said Cak Imin.

Cak Imin also did not deny his political safari agenda to a number of former vice presidents recently in order to get input if he was later elected as vice president in the election.

Currently, Cak Imin is rumored to be a cawapres candidate to accompany Prabowo Subianto. PKB and Gerindra are members of the Great Indonesia Awakening Coalition (KKIR).

Later, it was announced that the Golkar Party would soon be meeting. Golkar also claims that Prabowo and Golkar chairman Airlangga Hartarto proposed a duet.

This suggestion got louder after Airlangga’s name was included in the stock exchange for presidential candidates as a result of Jokowi’s Volunteer Conference (Musra). According to the Head of Bappilu, President of Golkar, Nusron Wahid, Airlangga deserves to accompany Prabowo.

Meanwhile, PKB official Faisol Reza hoped that Airlangga would be willing to be the winning team for Prabowo-Cak Imin.

“We are happy if Mr. Airlangga becomes the head of the winning team,” said Faisol.


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