The first accident happened shortly before eight o’clock. “The driver was driving a VW Tiguan with a passenger in the direction of Dub nad Moravou. He apparently did not adjust the speed of the vehicle to the ice and snow cover and the car skidded while passing through a right-hand bend,” informed police spokeswoman Miluše Zajícová.

Accident near Brodek near Přerov in the direction of Dub nad Moravou, Tuesday, March 28, 2023.

A car in a ditch and a truck on guardrails. Snowfall plagued drivers in Přerovsk

The Volkswagen crossed into the opposite direction, where it collided with the left side of the Opel Movano with a trailer. Both vehicles ended up on the barriers. “The breath tests of both drivers were negative, and the material damage was tentatively estimated at 610,000 crowns,” added Zajícová.

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The driver of the Tiguan and the passenger ended up in the hospital for examination. No other participants in the accident were injured.

Another accident in five minutes

Not even five minutes passed and it crashed again in the same place. A DAF truck drove through the same place, again in the direction of Dub nad Moravou. While going through a bend, he skidded and crashed into an Opel Movano vehicle, which was parked there due to a previous accident.

The truck ended up in the bridge

“The Opel was thrown further into the ditch and the truck ended up in the bridge over the Olešnice river after the impact. The injured truck driver was taken from the scene of the accident to the hospital in Prostejov,” stated Miluše Zajícová.

Fortunately, the people got out of the van

Fortunately, no one was in the Opel at the time of the impact, as the driver and his passenger got out after the accident and were outside of it. In this case, the material damage was calculated at 420 thousand crowns.

The police officers continue to deal with the circumstances and degree of culpability of both traffic accidents and conduct related investigations.