Calenda bites Bonino: “First to close + Europe”. The reply: “Says fake news”

The Ansa photo you see is dated 25 July: confirming that the one between Calenda and Bonino was a love that lasted less than a wedding in Las Vegas. Today yet another contest of insults between the two ex. “To Emma Bonino I say that if she is a candidate in the Democratic Party, perhaps it is appropriate to close + Europe ». Like this the leader of Action shooting at zero against what until a few weeks ago was his partner and ally.

Calenda guest of Sky Tg 24, it went down very hard against the radical exponent. “Bonino has a party, which he founded, which is called + Europe. When yesterday they told me that you were running for the Senate, I thought that you were running on the lists of his party, not on those of the Democratic Party, also because you said to me ‘I hate left-wing employees’. I hope it’s fake news. How does Bonino run for the proportional list under the Democratic Party having a party called + Europe? What does it mean, that + Europe is being closed? I do not understand. I guess it’s total fake news. I do not think that Bonino may have abandoned her party to join the Democratic Party. You should make it clear ”.

Calenda against Bonino: the challenge in the same college

Calenda also adds that he can’t wait to engage in a TV duel with his former companion: “I’m happy to make a comparison with her, we did it together, for a while, a stretch characterized by great clarity. Then at a certain point I didn’t understand it anymore ”.

In the elections of 25 September Bonino and Calenda will compete in the single-member constituency of the center of Rome for a seat in the Senate. Bonino is on the list of the Democratic Party, in the second college of the capital for Madama Palace. The Twitter comment from the Action leader two days ago was more subdued: “Happy to have Emma Bonino as an opponent in the Senate. Maybe we will be able to confront the problems of Rome. Leaving aside invectives and insults ».

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Bonino on the leader of Action: “Never seen such a sudden about-face”

“The fact that Emma Bonino can be nominated in the lists of the PD is an absolute fake news. You will obviously be a candidate on the + Europe lists. Sorry that there is someone who can give credit to this lie put around artfully ”. This is what is stated in a note from + Europe.
During the press conference at the headquarters of More Europe, the historic radical leader had acidly commented on Calenda’s turnaround, using poisoned words: “In all my long political life I had never seen such a sudden, unmotivated and even fraudulent about-face”. Today the new chapter of the war between the former members. We bet: until September 25, the worst is yet to come.

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