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Tempers were stirred in Cali, hours after the death of Juliana Giraldo Díaz, a 38-year-old woman, at the hands of an Army soldier, when she was with her partner in her private vehicle, on the road that connects Miranda with Corinto, in northern Cauca.

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Such is the tension towards the Public Force at this time, that in the capital of Valle del Cauca, when a sit-in was held this Thursday, at the head of the Pichincha Battalion of the Third Brigade, there was a brawl against a policeman.

In a video that is circulating, people are seen at the demonstration and a uniformed man. There is a citizen who asks not to attack her, in the midst of the confusion, because it is even suggested that there was supposedly a shot.

(If you read us from the app, you can watch the video here).

However, these facts are not clear.

In the recording, it is observed that someone hits the policeman on the head until he falls. The uniformed man, with a helmet, is against a car.

“Why did you shoot? Why did you shoot the march? This guy just fired at the march,” says one person in the video.

‘Why did you shoot? Why did you shoot the march? This guy finished shooting at the march, ‘says a person in the video

The citizen who appears on camera responds: “But do not attack him, do not attack him,” asks the lady.

The policeman also says before he is beaten and knocked down: “I haven’t done anything!” It was by way of a clamor from the uniformed man until he fell to the asphalt by the blow, amid heated screams on Thursday night.

‘I have not done anything!’. It was by way of clamor until the police fell to the asphalt by the blow, amid heated screams on Thursday night

In another recording that was shared on social networks, a citizen captures the claim of people from another angle. “This police officer has just fired at the population. We are defending him because the people got angry,” says the man who made the clip.

(If you read us from the app, you can see the video here).

Meanwhile, Francisco Larrañaga is still stunned not only by the shots he heard when he stopped his vehicle and then saw his partner, Juliana Giraldo Díaz, terrified and helpless by his side and lifeless.

She was a woman who three years earlier had decided to form a home with him, living off the sale of chickens and fish since they both arrived in Miranda.

This is what the policeman’s motorcycle looked like when it was cremated.


Santiago Saldarriaga. TIME

This is a municipality in the north of Cauca and there, in the Guatemala sector, Juliana’s life escaped in a matter of seconds, when they were confronted by Army uniforms and a soldier shot. Confused by the scene without understanding what happened, Juliana’s partner recorded a video, asking for help. “Please help me make this video viral, the Army just killed my wife, help me spread it”, says the desperate spouse next to the white car that he was driving and in the front seat of which was Juliana’s body.

The fatal shot that took her life immediately hit the head of someone who dreamed of opening a beauty salon. Juliana, according to her partner, was a stylist and they were saving money to achieve that dream of a business. For now they depended on the sale of chickens, there in Miranda.

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In another recording the heartbreaking screams of the man are heard who says: ‘They killed Juliana, that’ man ‘shot him in the head ”, pointing to some soldiers”.
The Regional Indigenous Organization of Valle del Cauca (Orivac), and Andrés David Romero, a gender defender, called for justice that there be no impunity. A witness said that “the soldiers left the mountain towards the road.”
According to the Army’s Specific Command of Cauca, when soldiers from the Alta Montaña Battalion Number 8, José María Vezga, “carried out military control of the area, a woman was killed by a gunshot by a member of the Force ”.

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President Iván Duque condemned the act and ordered the Minister of Defense, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, and the Army, to arrange the necessary for the investigation with speed. He added on Twitter: “The person responsible must receive exemplary punishment. Solidarity with family members of Juliana Giraldo, to whom we will provide support ”.



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