California fires: bombing becomes fatal as flames approaching lead to mass evacuation of Malibu

The lives have been lost as violent fires burn out in California.

The director of the California Governor's emergency services office announced today that a fire in northern California proved fatal.

Mark Ghilarducci said the number of deaths reported in northern California was not known.

Another California fire official said that six major fires are burning around the state and he has defined three of them "critical".

Flames are engulfing trees nearby (EPA)

This information came after the incoming flames forced the city to evacuate on the Malibu beach, while now it is expected that 148,000 throughout California could be displaced to the imminent.

The fire that forced the exodus broke out Thursday northwest of Los Angeles and roared south, climbing the US 101 freeway early Friday and sweeping the Santa Monica mountains.

Malibu, known as the home of many Hollywood stars, has about 13,000 inhabitants and is located along 21 miles of coastline at the southern foot of the mountain range.

Los Angeles County firefighters tweeted that the fire is heading for the ocean, punctuating the message with the statement: "Imminent threat!"

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said, "It's a very dangerous and very serious situation.

"We are working hard to get people out, and the message I want to go out is: if you can evacuate, you must evacuate."

A fire official said the fire had put 15,000 homes and 2,000 commercial buildings to "imminent fire hazard".

The evacuation was initially for the whole city, but now it is for two-thirds of the West.

It is said that about 75,000 homes have been evacuated.

Protective masks were issued to prevent people from inhaling the smoke and a number of schools were closed in the surrounding areas.

As the flames raged, another fire was burning farther west into Ventura County, which was also moving toward the ocean.

Wild fires, raging throughout California, caused evacuation elsewhere before this.

During the night, one of the fires apparently "quadrupled" in terms of size.

The burning area of ​​the Camp of Fire near the city of Paradise is almost 110 square miles.

A police officer described the community there as "destroyed".

"We were surrounded by the fire, we were driving through the fire on both sides of the road," said Mark Bass.

"It was just a wall of fire on each side of us, and we could not see the road ahead of us."

The smoke swayed on Malibu as the huge flames consumed the areas.

The gigantic gray cloud could be seen for miles around.

Authorities have issued an unhealthy air quality alarm for parts of the San Francisco Bay due to smoke that pollutes the air.

More employees in the neighborhood have seen clouds of smoke rising from their buildings.

Another person who could see smoking defined the situation "beyond all limits".

People have sent their "prayers" to those who have been impressed while others have invited friends who had in the area to "go out".

If you live in Malibu, take this seriously. Exit. It's hard to get in and out so please do not get stuck, "wrote one on Twitter.

The LA Sheriff's Department said it was receiving many calls because of the situation.

A post on Twitter said: "Please move safely to emergency vehicles !! We are receiving many emerging phone calls in the Malibu area for residents who need our help to evacuate."

A Los Angeles CBS reporter also talked about wild "terrorized" wildlife with some rabbits caught in a smoke-cowered chamber.

He said, "I saw about half a dozen bunnies running around.

"There are some that we have seen, trying to escape the flames and go out, to save themselves, because their home, their habitat, is on fire".

He also commented on the "packaged" gas changes while people tried to leave the area and "countless fire trucks".


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