California to Send $ 1,000 Checks to Undocumented Coronavirus | Univision 14 San Francisco KDTV

The unprecedented measure will grant a single cash payment to nearly 150,000 undocumented immigrants in California. The benefit will be limited to $ 500 per adult with a limit of $ 1000 per household, resources that can be requested “starting next month.”

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The economic stimulus announced by the Governor will represent much-needed relief for a community that makes up 10% of California’s workforce, primarily in sectors considered essential during the coronavirus pandemic such as cleaning workers, delivery men, farm laborers, employees of supermarkets and restaurants.

In addition, the undocumented fund, which is made up of 75 million state coffers and 50 million raised through donations, will reach just 17 percent of the 2.6 million undocumented people living in California, according to data from the Institute of California Public Policies.

Newsom said the money will be distributed through a regional network of non-profit organizations, which in turn will pass it on to undocumented families.

“The Sacred Heart is committed to continuing to support undocumented families in our region. We will try to access whatever resources are available to ensure that undocumented families can prosper in Silicon Valley,” said Poncho Guevara, executive director of the organization.

It is not yet clear from when community organizations will begin to have access to resources or what the process will be for undocumented immigrants to start their application. Nor is it known how the almost inevitable saturation of aid requests will be handled – at the local and state levels – if one takes into account that more than 2 million people without legal status will not achieve the benefit.

“California is the most diverse state in the country. All Californians, including our undocumented neighbors and friends, should know that California is here to help them through this crisis. We are in this together, ”Newsom noted.

The new normal in California

The governor explained that the process to relax the house confinement order and allow the operation of new businesses “will take several weeks” or “even months”, and all decisions made will be based “on science and not on policy ” The plan reflects how complex it will be to revive California’s economy, ranked as the fifth most powerful in the world, and resume public life as it was known before the coronavirus pandemic.

“We see the light at the end of the tunnel (…) You have flattened the curve (of coronavirus infections). The model has changed, “said the governor with measured optimism during his message.

But the governor also made it clear that the success of the plan will largely depend on local governments, who will determine how and when changes made at the state level will be implemented.

It is not yet known when the “new normal” for California will begin, but there is already an outline of what it will look like and what some of the main adjustments that the 40 million residents in the state will have to make to their daily lives will be.

For post-pandemic California, the government expects restaurants and diner establishments to reopen with fewer tables, wearing face masks in public will be common practice, and there will be new opportunities – perhaps through technology – to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

In schools, for example, the next school year could have smaller classes to maintain social distancing, as well as staggered recess periods to limit the crowds of students and even changes in extracurricular and sports activities that aim to control the virus. .

“At some point we will have to modify our curfew. As we contemplate reopening some parts of our state, we must remain guided by science and data, and understand things will be different from before, “Newsom said.

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