Business Call back at Alnatura: Attention! Glass splinters in a...

Call back at Alnatura: Attention! Glass splinters in a well-known organic product

Caution: recall of organic products from Alnatura – warning of risk of injury from broken glass

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Recall from Alnatura: Suspected glass fragments in organic chickpeas – warning of increased risk of injury. Customers should exchange the product.

  • Caution call back! Possible foreign objects made of glass trigger a recall * at Alnatura.
  • Risk of injury: the Organic brand now calls special batches of Chickpeas back.
  • Alnatura offers all affected customers the exchange of the goods.

kassel – The call back at Alnatura affects various supermarkets: The Organic brand is among other things in its own organic supermarket and at Edeka, Müller, Rossmann and Tegut sold. Dried be recalled Alnatura chickpeas in a 500g bag, which may contain foreign bodies made of glass in individual packs of the product. There is a risk of injury! It is better to see if you have this variety of chickpeas at home.

According to the manufacturer, there is currently under the brand Alnatura 1,350 organic foods. These include bread and spreads as well as cereals and cereal products – but also the affected and known ones Chickpeas the organic brand.

Recall from Alnatura: chickpeas

Here again everything important for Call back to Alnatura in the overview:

  • Product name: “Alnatura chickpeas, dried”
  • Manufacturer: Alnatura Produktions- und Handels GmbH
  • Size: 500g package
  • Best before dates: 14.01.2021 and 27.01.2021
  • Risk of injury from broken glass
  • Affected markets: Alnatura Super Natur Markt, Edeka, Müller, Rossmann, Tegut, Globus, Hit and AEZ (Handelsgruppe Dohle), Budni

Organic brand Alnatura recalls chickpeas: Caution – risk of injury from broken glass

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Recall: Foreign glass in Alnatura chickpeas pose a risk of injury

The Organic brand Alnatura has one as a precaution Product recall For “Alnatura chickpeas, dried“In the 500g package with the best before dates 14.01.2021 and 27.01.2021. According to the manufacturer and dealer Alnatura, it cannot be ruled out that foreign bodies made of glass can be found in individual packs of the product. The accidental consumption of these foreign bodies is high risk of injury and therefore can harmful to health be.

Alnatura has already taken precautions in this regard and the goods have been removed from the sale as a precaution. The Organic brand has announced that customers who receive a pack of Alnatura Chickpeas with the above-mentioned best before dates, should not eat them as a precaution and they could bring back the product. “You will of course get a replacement,” Alnatura wrote on the company’s website and on Facebook about the recall of the dried chickpeas.

Recall from Alnatura: Caution – two best before dates are affected

They are affected Chickpea batches with the Best before dates 14.01.2021 and 27.01.2021. If you are not sure where to find the best-before date – it is printed on the side of the packaging.

Furthermore, it was announced that no other best-before dates from the recall are affected. The manufacturer and dealer Alnatura very much regrets the incident and apologizes to his customers for the inconvenience.

The Organic brand is distributed throughout Europe and Germany, both in its own organic supermarkets and at Alnatura trading partners. This includes 12,700 branches in 16 countries. In Germany, the organic brand Alnatura is sold in its own organic supermarket and at Edeka, Müller, Rossmann, Tegut, Globus, Hit and AEZ (trading group Dohle) as well as at Budni.

Foreign bodies in the food are often the reason for a recall – and not only at Alnatura

There is also a risk of injury when eating a popular chocolate at Rewe, so there was a recall. Similar to the chickpeas of the organic brand Alnatura can foreign body are in the panels – in this case they are plastic parts.

A product from Rewe, because of possible plastic particles in it, recalled. In addition, there was also an increased risk of injury from the consumption of the affected pizza snacks, which necessitated a recall of the product on the part of the manufacturer Dermaris and the retailer Rewe.

The discounter Lidl is calling back a salami snack. It can lead to internal injuries.

By Jennifer Greve


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