Call back at Lidl: health risk! Popular snack salami could cause internal harm

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There is an urgent warning before consuming a Lidl product. Because the delicious snack could contain pieces of film. This threatens internal injuries.

  • A salami snack sold in Lidl branches is called back.
  • The product may contain pieces of film.
  • Consumption could lead to internal injuries.

Neu Wulmstorf / Munich – They are especially popular as a tasty snack in between, but now their consumption could cause a bad awakening. In the Lidl branches available “Dulano delicacy mini salami snack assort. classic, 250g “ must be called back by the manufacturer. Reason: It cannot be ruled out that blue film pieces are contained in the product.

According to the “Schwarz Cranz GmbH & Co. KG” packs with the are affected Best before date 31.05.20, the lot number L2325031007 and the identification number DE NI 10921 EG. The recall should be noted that the salamis of the affected batch should be sold in two airtight plastic bags with the lettering of the Lidl quality brand “Dulano” never consumed will.

This is the product: The salami snack will be called back.

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Recall of Lidl product: Foil pieces can cause internal injuries

The possibly contained pieces of film could result in serious injuries in the mouth and throat area *. Beyond that possible internal injury or bleeding. This means that they have similar effects to metallic foreign bodies, broken glass or broken glass, wood and plastic.

The product was delivered to Lidl branches in parts of Berlin, Brandenburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. The company responded immediately due to consumer protection and removed the batch from sale.

Recall of Lidl product: purchase price will be reimbursed even without receipt

For customers there is the possibility that Return the product in the stores. The purchase price will be fully reimbursed even without presentation of the receipt.

The “Schwarz Cranz GmbH & Co. KG” apologizes for the inconvenience and emphasizes that other in-house products are not affected by the recall. The same applies to salami from other manufacturers, which Lidl sells.

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In this article, we explain how you should ideally behave in the event of a call back on *. There is also an overview of the most common causes of recalls.

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