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Call of Duty for cell phones is now available in Latin America – Videogames – Technology

The legendary title shooter Call of Duty comes loaded with action to cell phones. The game, created by Chinese video game giant Tencent Holdings, it has attracted more than 20 million players in the first two days since its world debut.

Call of Duty Mobile comes as one of the main bets to the company’s ambition to adapt world-class and globally recognized titles for smartphones.

Based on the Activision PC and console franchise, Call of Duty Mobile reported record revenue of nearly $ 2 million after its launch on October 1, in the United States, Europe and India, according to information from the consulting firm Sensor Tower.

Its downloads rivaled those of Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour during its first two days, one of the releases of video game most successful mobiles in history, according to their own figures.

Call of Duty Mobile is the highest-profile project to emerge from the Chinese giant Tencent’s effort to turn successful game franchises into versions for mobile devices. paving the way that already extends to 2022, said Thomson Ji, vice president of TiMi studios at Tencent, in an interview with Bloomberg. Although the popular all against all PUBG, whose mobile version has been very successful, was also developed by Tencent for these devices.

“We are committed to developing games to target global markets,” Ji said. He further added that “Call of Duty is very influential globally and we hope this game can help us reach hundreds of millions of mobile gamers abroad. “

Despite uncertainty gripping the local Chinese market, Tencent continues to develop new avenues for growth.

The company is moving beyond importing famous titles for the Chinese public and is now instead designing smartphone versions of popular console games for export abroad.

According to Tencent estimates, The more than 2,200 million players on mobile devices is a number that exceeds three times the size of the audience that plays on consoles.

For now, gamers in India accounted for the largest share of installs at 14%, while the US ranked 9th with 9% of downloads according to Bloomberg.

To ensure the popularity of the game, Tencent has introduced elements for the interaction of gamers on social networks. For example, the game allows people to connect with their Facebook friends and form groups to go on missions.

Even if Call of Duty Mobile is a free game, there are also micropayments for people to spend real money on virtual goods such as character skins, among others.

The mobile version was developed by Tencent, but Activision Blizzard, in which the Chinese company owns a stake, is publishing Call of Duty Mobile in regions such as the United States, Europe, and Latin America.




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