Call of Duty Mobile: one of the saga’s most beloved and popular maps arrives in season 6

Call of Duty has adapted perfectly to the mobile market with the launch of its free-to-play title. Call of Duty Mobile provides the opportunity to enjoy the classic multiplayer experience to which the saga has accustomed us from our mobile devices.

Like any other online multiplayer title, the importance of renewing content week by week is critical and Activision has launched a seasons system that have been bringing new features and constant changes to the game. We recently reported on the startup of its fifth season, Steel Legion, with a character from Black Ops 2, but there seems to be new and interesting news.

This universal adapter will allow you to play on your mobile using the PS4 DualShock in the perfect posture. It is adjustable to smartphones of different sizes.

The latest news that has been announced will be very popular with fans of the first person shooter license, since one of the most loved and popular maps for players returns in a short time. Of course, we talk about Rust the small stage belonging to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Activision has revealed this in a tweet recently and, although it is not known when it will officially arrive, it will be one of the Maps included in Season 6 launching May 1. Rust was a tremendously fun map to play, where whoever took control of the altitude could take real profit from the situation, if a Predator missile did not fall on him, of course.

Unfortunately, Call of Duty Mobile withdrew zombie mode last month. Activision argued its decision as also commented your relationship with eSports and future competitive tournaments that will eventually reach the mobile game.


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