Technology Call of Duty: Modern Warfare updates with a 1v1...

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare updates with a 1v1 version of Gunfight

Infinity Ward has updated the multiplayer playlists of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as they usually do every week. The main novelty is the addition of a 1v1 version of Gunfight mode, which replaces the traditional 2 versus 2 mode in the main list of the mode (although you can choose from the options).

Shoot House 24/7 has been replaced by Shipment 24/7, allowing you to play in a loop the remastering of one of the most popular maps in the world. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2007. As noted since VG247Due to player spawn glitches that occur on this map, the list has been reduced to 5 vs 5 players, instead of the usual 6v6.

Gun Game mode has a dedicated list again

He modo Grind temporarily stops having a dedicated playlist to be replaced by Gun Game, a way, if possible, even more frantic than Grind. Here all the players compete with each other. There are no skills, no field upgrades, no kill streaks, and no custom gear. All players They start with the same gun and automatically get a better weapon by killing to another player.

The player with the most deaths before time runs out wins, but the game can end earlier. The last weapon is a Combat Knife and two throwing knives. The player who manages to do an execution first or a kill by throwing a knife win the game. That s, we must bear in mind that melee kills make our weapon level down to the previous weapon.

This week Infinity Ward should post a update of Modern Warfare to fix some of the bugs that are frustrating the multiplayer experience for certain players, from bugs than allow to hide under the map and outside of it, a killer chairs. Multiplayer Co-Design Director Joe Cecot said in Twitter that the “next big update” to fix all the bugs will be released this week.



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