Call screen arrives at the original Pixel and Pixel XL – Phone Arena

We used the Call Screen function on our Pixel 2 XL and found it useful. When the device receives a call, it gives us the possibility of "call screen". Touching this button will allow Google Assistant to respond and find out who is calling and the reason for the call. We can view the conversation in real time on the display and participate in the discussion, report the call as spam or ask the Assistant to get more information from the caller.
To see if your OG Pixel or Pixel XL has a call screen, open the Phone app on your phone. Click on the three-point menu to the right of the search bar. Tap the settings. If you see Call Screen in the list, congratulations. Now you can have Google Assistant screen calls to help you get rid of the callers of spam, collectors of invoices, other ex-significant and all the other people you do not want to talk to.


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