Called a diet that helps you lose weight and do not get it again


A low-calorie Mediterranean diet contributes to weight loss and reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease in overweight patients and in the metabolic syndrome. Scientists from the Spanish university of Rovira and Virgili have come to this conclusion, reports MedicalXpress.

Despite the fact that low fat and carbohydrate diets are considered effective in terms of weight loss and reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease, there is no scientific evidence that the positive results of this diet will last long.

The new study is dedicated to a fundamentally different kind of food: the Mediterranean. Such a diet involves the consumption of large quantities of fresh vegetables and fruit, legumes, nuts, seeds, wholemeal bread and cereal-based pasta. In addition, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of red meat and give preference to fish and seafood.

The study involved over 600 patients aged 55 to 75 with overweight and metabolic syndrome.

It showed that 33.7 percent of patients who switched to the Mediterranean diet and exercised a year later lost at least five percent of their original body weight. Compared to the study participants who did not follow this diet, their glucose uptake was also significantly improved.

Positive dynamics persist over time, the scientists pointed out.

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