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A Russian family of three needs at least 78 thousand rubles a month for a normal standard of living. This became known by the "Romir" study, reports RIA Novosti.

A quarter of respondents believe that for a normal life they need 40-60 thousand rubles in the family budget every month. More than half of the Russians called the amount from 60 to 120 thousand rubles for an acceptable standard of living. 11% of respondents claim to have a family income of 120 thousand rubles a month.

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Note that the monthly income the Russians need for a normal life was 2.1 thousand more rubles (three percent) than in 2018.

"In the last two years, we have seen that family planning is becoming increasingly realistic among our fellow citizens," said Romir president Andrei Milekhin.

In April, the Russians called the wages needed for a "decent life". According to respondents, the amount of decent wages in Russia starts at 50 thousand rubles. About a decent level of their income, 24 percent of respondents said.

The set of benefits that determine the quality of life includes a home or apartment, a car, access to good treatment and education, quality food, sports or hobbies, visits to cultural sites and the opportunity to travel.

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