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Potency can be severely impaired by taking certain types of drugs, doctors warn.

Called five types of drugs that hurt the power / picture

Called five types of drugs that hurt the power / picture

Doctors warn that potency can be severely affected by drugs, according to Ukrhealth.

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Drugs to reduce pressure. These side effects can suppress potency.

Soothing drugs Drugs that contain antipsychotics can inhibit the production of male hormones. Moreover, in detaching these bottoms, even simple drops or motherwort tinctures can negatively affect the power.

Drugs for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Under the influence of the hormonal glands of the stomach decreases the production of its secretion. At the same time, the synthesis of testosterone in the male body can decrease and, consequently, the power weakens.

Steroid drugs. These means influence the power of a villain and experts recommend not using chemical compounds during sport.

Brom. According to the doctors, bromine can somehow reduce the activity of a man because of its soothing properties, but impotence does not develop because of it.

The former sexologist Olga Vasilenko explained why a man does not want sex. He listed a number of reasons for the decline in sexual desire.

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