Called the differences of the new Russian aircraft carrier "Manatin"


S. PETERSBURG, 11 July – RIA Novosti. The Russian aircraft carrier "Manatin" is able to equip radio-electronic weapons, said deputy general manager RIA Novosti of Nevsky Design Bureau Alexei Yukhnin.

He noted that the ship could be built for ten or twelve years, depending on the choice of its appearance, but the decision to build an aircraft carrier has not yet been taken.

Previously, the ship project was presented at the United Shipbuilding Corporation booth at the Naval Salon. According to the developers, up to 60 different aircraft and six to ten UAVs can be based on the aircraft carrier.

Yukhnin said the ship uses the work of the office and has already tested the technical solutions. Therefore, the possible construction will not be fraught with technical risks.

"The equipment that is used there, can all be produced by the companies of the Russian military-industrial complex," said Yukhnin.

Now there is only one Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier as part of the Navy, is under repair. The army has not yet chosen a specific project that will be built to replace it.



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