Called the most harmful meat – RIA Novosti, 10/03/2019

MOSCOW, 3 October – RIA News. The most harmful meat for human health has a long life, said a specialist in rational nutrition, the physiotherapist Marina Vaulina in an interview with Evening Moscow.

According to her, in particular, consumers should be vigilant with the so-called "elite" varieties of imported meat.

"The longer its shelf life, the greater the country of production, the longer it takes to transport, the more undesirable chemical preservatives in the product. The realities are such that they often freeze and thaw several times. The body will not get nothing good from all this "He said.

The doctor added that you can eat "delicacies", but in everything you need a measurement. He also advised not to overcook the meat, not to cook it with an excess of spices, fat and salt and not to keep it in the fridge for a long time after thawing.

Vaulina pointed out that the human body has more difficulty absorbing the goose, duck meat, lamb and pork, but recalled that much depends on the method of preparation and the frequency of intake of this food . Therefore, steamed meat with vegetables is absorbed much better and in the barbecue, on the contrary, particles of smoke and carcinogens will be contained, the doctor concluded.



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