Called the percentage of pilots who fall asleep at the wheel


Назван процент водителей, засыпающих за рулемData provided by British scientists.

Sociological studies have shown that somnolence was the cause of 53 fatal accidents, of which 351 occurred in England in 2017 due to driver fatigue. Researchers believe that fatigue causes a quarter of all accidents.

These data are provided by British scientists who analyze over 20 thousand drivers. They determined that the probability of accidents in the studied groups is 37%. The pilots say that sometimes I'm so tired that the fear of falling asleep at the wheel. Estimates are that most likely to suffer from drowsy motorists are male. From the crowd – 17% of men tend to lose vigilance while driving and only 5% of women can fall asleep while driving. In addition, only 57% of drivers of all respondents are inclined to stay for the break, knowing they fall asleep.

The main causes that cause fatigue and sleepiness, the researchers believe that a long and hard day's work (39%), a monotonous landscape during the trip (33%), night driving (27%), try to reach a greater distance in one day (27%) and lack of sleep before the trip (26%).

It is worth noting that a driver who is "turned off" for three or four seconds while driving on the motorway, during this short period of time exceeds a distance the size of a football field. The 30-second blackout at a speed of 90-100 km / h car is not controlled, drive 0.8 kilometers.


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