Called the possible features of the new iPhone

MOSCOW, March 12 – RIA News. Business Insider talked about the features of the next generation iPhone.

According to the portal, Apple plans to introduce three new smartphones this fall.

One of the most anticipated changes should be a camera with three lenses: Samsung and Huawei's flagships are already equipped with this system. Thanks to the triple camera, it will be possible to greatly expand the field of view and improve the focus of the objectives. According to some reports, even the low-end devices of the line will receive this function.

Another update is likely to be the OLED display, which will have a positive effect on color depth and image contrast.

Apple plans to improve Face ID facial recognition. A company can install a camera to take 3D photos, but the system is first inserted into a new iPad.

The next generation of gadgets will have a two-way charge, which will allow you to use the battery for other devices, writes Business Insider. Also, iPhones can get a USB-C port instead of a Lightning connector.



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