Calling the Sinovac Vaccine Safe for the Elderly, UI Epidemiologist: If There Is Something Banned I Fight!

WARTAKOTALIVE, JAKARTA – Epidemiologist from the University of Indonesia (UI) dr Pandu Riono said, vaccine Covid-19 Sinovac is safe for the elderly.

Including, given to health workers (health workers) aged 60 years and over.

Therefore, Pandu Riono fully supports if there are elderly health workers who want to be vaccinated.

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Because, according to him, elderly health workers are the most vulnerable to being exposed to Covid-19.

“Of all the nakes, the most risky nakes are nakes 60 years and above.”

“That’s why when there was a doctor of internal medicine, namely Dr. Suwandi, 77 years old, he wanted vaccinations, I support him.”

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“If someone bans it, I will fight it again,” he said, giving a presentation at the webinar held by ILUNI UI, Wednesday (27/1/2021).

He said, vaccine Sinovac is safe to be given to all ages, and is not limited to a certain age.

In fact, in various countries the Covid-19 Sinovac vaccine has been given to citizens aged 80 years and over.

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“Everything is allowed, because we want to reduce the death rate,” he said.

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