Calm down, the inventor of the AstraZeneca vaccine says Covid-19 will become a common cold

Jakarta – Inventor vaccine AstraZeneca Dame Sarah Gilbert stated that the covid-19 virus will weaken over time and will become the common cold.

This was revealed by Sarah Gilbert in a webinar of the Royal Society of Medicine. “We are already living with four different human coronaviruses, eventually Sars-CoV-2 will be one of them,” he said.

Right now, says Sarah Gilbert, it is a matter of how long it will take for Covid-19 to become like the common cold. “And what steps should we take to manage it in the meantime,” Gilbert said.

He said he was struggling to get funds to help prevent future pandemics. The funds will be used to fund other infectious disease vaccines.

Sarah Gilbert continued, humanity must prepare for various pandemics in the future. A small investment in research will save billions of dollars in the future.

However, according to Gilbert, currently funding from the British government is not enough to finance research. Though this is important so that the research results can be used to cure diseases caused by the pandemic.

“We are still trying to raise funds to develop other vaccines before pandemics caused by past diseases emerge again in the future,” said Sarah Gilbert.

Gilbert is currently researching vaccines for the Nipah virus, Lassa fever virus, and the Mers coronavirus. “These are three things I’m working on and still trying to raise funds for,” he said.

He is the person behind the creation of the AstraZeneca vaccine which is now one of the vaccines used as a bullet to eradicate the corona virus that is endemic throughout the world.

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Sarah Gilbert voluntarily relinquishes patent rights in the AstraZeneca vaccine production process. That means, the public can get vaccine prices that can be cheaper.

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