Calviño criticizes that Díaz does not include income restrictions in his proposal to give 20,000 euros to all young people

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The proposal that Yolanda Díaz revealed in her interview in EL MUNDO, and for which she will give 20,000 euros to all young people who turn 18, does not include an income criterion. It would be given to young people from families with lower incomes, but also to those who come from wealthy or even wealthy homes. And that, for the first vice president of the Government, Nadia Calviño, is not at all an adequate model.

“Give subsidies, aid, like this, without any type of restriction or income level nor a specific objective, you have to explain how you would finance it”, the Economy Minister also stated in an interview with TVE.

The candidate for the presidency of the Government for Sumar explained in this newspaper that she intends “for young people to have access to 20,000 euros to continue training, to better project themselves into the future, for entrepreneurship initiatives.” Her cost would be “8,000 million”, and she added that “undertaking cannot be linked to the origin of the parents”. This is, that the aid would be universal.

This is not usual in this type of measure, since they are usually aimed at favoring the lowest incomes and those who most need a boost to, in this case, undertake or train. Díaz’s proposal, therefore, not progressive at all and, even, it runs the risk of being regressive because the highest incomes could end up taking advantage of it more intensely.

And also, goes against the discourse of the coalition governmentwho has always stressed that those who have less must be helped, those who need it most, while those who have more must contribute to a greater extent for the progress of society.

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