Camara: "Tears flowed by themselves" – SO FOOT


Abdul Razzagui Camara needs to talk.

The 28-year-old striker saw his dream abruptly interrupted in August, when he learned that a heart problem prevented him from continuing to play football. Trained in Rennes and moved to Angers, he finished his career in Guingamp, where he had arranged his luggage in 2017.

Guest of the show The wardrobe broadcast on RMC Sport, the former Guinean national tells the journey to this painful moment. " When I passed the usual tests, they told me that there was something different. In my head, I thought it was normal. Then they put a probe in my heart. From the first test to the last one, I had to wait a monthsays Camara. One day after training, I was at home, I was going to eat with my children and I received a call from the doctor: "I'm sorry, the cardiologists told me it was unfortunately over."I could not eat. I went to my room, sat down and tears were running alone."

Today, Camara admits to improving after having experienced a very difficult period: "I was fine only when I slept. When I woke up, I returned to a nightmare. It is not possible to accept it, but I live and go forward."




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